Khamis, 16 Februari 2012


Kawan saya 'AM' menghantar TEXT ni kepada talipon bimbit saya untuk bacaan, makluman dan berkongsi pandangan dengan saya. Beliau seorang profesional dan pandangan beliau agak kritikal dengan apa yang berlaku di Pulau Pinang. Saya paparkan untuk perkongsian minda.

Generally Indians and Malays in Penang are for BN at this particular moment. The last time Najib and Mahyudin came to penang, they received good support among the penangites. If both of them can make another visit it will help the momentum of BN supporters. DAP government have just sold state land over 100 acres to private developer in Bayan Mutiara (a real bargain to that developer). That land if wisely used can benefit the state and the people of Penang in years to come. DAP government have also unnecessarily appointed a Singapore base consultant firm for project worth RM 450 mil costing the state 1.5% consultant fees ie RM 6.75 mil ! Imagine how much it can benefit local consultants. These issues and blunders can be elaborated by both PM and TPM during their visit, to inform on how much Penang people are losing. Its about time to show Penang Chinese that DAP's policies is benefiting outsiders and not them.

Another serious allegation made by Guan Eng to local consultants when he says that "the poor deserves a home not a box" to justify appointing Singapore base consulting firm. Local consultants build 'boxes' for the people? Oh dear.. what an insult to all professional consultants and developers in the whole of Malaysia. Just to put on record DAP government have not build a single 'box' for the people through state fund for the last 4 years! The existing delivery of 'boxes' for the poor is from the previous govt planning and private developers. In fact a few months back Guan Eng PROUDLY announce to the public that the state has provided so and so many of low cost 'boxes' to the people? Furthermore what is the budget per unit that Guan Eng will allow for the 'home' that he intends to build for the poor. Can he clarify? For the same budget local consultants cannot design a 'home' for the poor?

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